Your favorite shades from our most iconic palettes are now available in singles! Get the most popular mattes. metallics. and wet shades. perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and traveling.?

Vegan and Cruelty-free!


1985, After Life, And What?, Angel of Death, Bite Me, Black Card Limit, Blood Sugar, Bubble Gum, Cake Mix, Candy Floss, Casper Mtn., Cavity, Celebrity Skin, CEO, Chameleon Fetish, Cherry Soda, Cherry Wet, Coma, Cone, Cotton Candy, Crocodile Tears, Cullinan, Emerald Estate, Equity, Eulogy, Freak Show, Fresh Meat, Glamour Shot, Glucose, Grand Prismatic, Gum Drop, Hearse, Heavy Weighted, I'm Cold, Jaded, Make it Rain, Mintea, Mohawk, Money Heist, Obituary, Ocean Ice, Ole' Jeff, Only Child, Open Range, Ouch, Owl Eyes, Persuasion, Poison Ivy, Prick, Punk Couture, Razor Blade, Scene Queen, Secret Stash, Self Made, Star Creek, Sugarcane, Sweetener, Tasty, Tax Free, Tongue Pop, Untouchable, Virgin, Weirdo, Winter Wind, Wyoming, Yak Farm


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Artistry Singles
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