We are here to fulfill your banana daydreams with this 18-well artistry palette including a brand new octagon pan shape!! Serving you delicious hues of yellows & browns. the 4 metallic shimmers and 14 matte artistry shadows are guaranteed to create stunning everyday looks with that signature Jeffree POP of pink & bright blue.?

My Peeps:?Pale yellow
Cream Pie: Bright yellow
G-Spot: (Metallic shimmer) white with yellow-gold pearl?
Just The Tip: Banana yellow
How Do You Peel?: Muted lemon yellow
Certified Organic: Velvet taupe brown
Star Split: (Metallic shimmer) White with white-gold pearl
Bulge: Hot baby blue
Banana Fetish: Mac & Cheese yellow
Vitamin P: Pure gold metallic?

Pinky Ring: Hot Fushia pink
Size Queen: Brown
Hammock: Orange-brown
Sundae Service: Soft coffee brown
Never Bitter: Copper champagne shimmer with a green metallic shift?
Morning After: Muted olive yellow
Pounding Cake: Milk chocolate?
Don’t Choke: Dark Chocolate brown


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Banana Fetish Palette

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